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The most high-octane type of drive pedal, fuzz creates a raunchy, dirty sound, and with the Fuxx Fuzz, you get it in a simple and highly compact unit.


The pedal features a 'gain/crazy' switch for two distinct fuzz modes; 'gain' gives a smoother, scooped tone reminiscent of the Electro Harmonix Big Muff, while 'crazy' provides the classic 60's octave fuzz sound.


The pedal is designed for guitar, but also sounds great on bass.



Volume knob

Gain knob

Tone knob

Gain/Crazy switch


Features a 1/4 inch input & output jack and 9V power input. True bypass. No box and incompatible with a 9V battery.

Tone City Fuxx Fuzz

  • 28 day refund policy for faulty items, must be returned in the box.

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