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Want to add a warm boost to your tone? Creamy overdrive? Thick distortion? Look no further than the Slick Lick Vintage Overdrive by SubZero! As suggested by the name, this pedal gives your guitar the oomph it needs to deliver those slick licks, with a drive that specialises in both lead and rhythm tones. The boost switch optimises the circuit for a more boost-oriented tone, increasing the level by 6db, perfect for bringing your guitar level up for solos.


Features a 9VDC power circuit, 1/4 inch input and output jacks. True bypass. Boxed with instructions.



Volume knob

Gain knob

Boost switch

Tone knob

Slick Lick Vintage Overdrive

  • 28 day refund policy for faulty items, must be returned in the box.

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