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The Proco Rat 2 is one of the most revered guitar pedals in the market. Its sleek square design houses a versatile distortion unit that has been heard on countless iconic tracks.


The pedal features a standard distortion gain and level knob, but as opposed to the industry-standard tone knob, it instead features a parameter for the cutoff filter, which can be used to roll off high frequencies for a distinct sound.


Also, as if the sound wasn't good enough, the battery compartment is easily removed and does not require any tools. Furthermore, as a nice little bonus - the pedal name print glows in the dark!


Powered by a 9V battery or 9V DC power adapter. True bypass.



Drive knob

Tone knob

Level knob

Proco Rat 2 Distortion Pedal

  • Flat rate to UK, £3.65 sent by Royal Mail, 48 hour tracked

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