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Need something to remedy your hangover? This pedal won't be the ailment to that, but it will provide you with a great luscious reverb! You can choose between three classic sounds - room, plate and spring. 


The mix knob dictates how much of your dry signal is present, tone determines the sound of it, and the large reverb knob controls how large the reverb tail is, so whether it's some subtle ambience or a huge washed-out effect that sounds like you're playing it inside a cave, this pedal is highly versatile.



Mix knob

Tone knob

Reverb knob

Mode switch


Features a 1/4 inch input & output jack and 9V power input, but no battery compatibility. True bypass; boxed and features velcro already attached.

Landlord FX Banging Hangover Reverb

  • 28 day refund policy for faulty items, must be returned in the box.

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