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The CP-20 Crazy Cacti is an incredibly diverse overdrive pedal, with many settings. It has some fairly standard volume, tone, drive and boost knobs, but also has two toggle switches and a boost switch which allows the pedal to double as both a drive and boost.


The 'Mini-Toggle' switches allow for a variety of tones, and are explained in detail in the instruction leaflet.


Powered by a 9V DC power adapter; not compatible with a 9V battery. True bypass.


Boxed and in mint condition with instructions.



Volume knob

Tone knob

Drive knob

Boost knob

Mini-toggle switch #1

Mini-toggle switch #2

Caline CP-20 Crazy Cacti Overdrive

  • Flat rate to UK, £3.65 sent by Royal Mail, 48 hour tracked

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